How is it Going? 6-20-23

How is it Going? 6-20-23

Sherri Dishion

June 20, 2023

 Dr. Bernard called today to ask how applications are going.

 CONFESSION: We are struggling with the idea of applying for humanitarian parole for 7 Haitian family members. I know it sounds selfish. They are there grappling for food and basic survival in all the violence, and we are worried about the money and logistics of whether we will be able to get them the services they need, have enough money to help support them, the time it will require to help them adjust, get jobs, medical care…..and on and on. The flashbacks of adopting Gabrielle as an orphan from Haiti still loom large, as we found that raising a child of trauma was more than we could have ever imagined. 

What if this is just a giant trainwreck seven times the magnitude 😵‍💫. The thought is frightening.