Want to try a new craft but aren't sure about investing in all the parts and pieces?

Our curated kits are the answer you've been looking for! Check out our newest kits and our tutorials on the Video tab. 

Turquoise w/Orange 12"x20"
Black & Yellow 12"x20"
Purple w/Dark Center 12" x 20"
Green 12" x 20"
Black/White 10.5" x 18"
Red & White 12" x 20"
Browns w/Dark Center 12" x 20"
Purple w/Light center 12" x 20"
Black & White 8x10
Multi Blues & Orange 8x10
Yellow & Grey 8x10
Red White & Blue 8x10
Turquoise w/Line Green 8x10
Purple w/Multi Center 8x10
Purple w/4color Dark Outer 8x10
Purple w/Bright Blue 8x10
Navy & Blues 8x10
Multi 8x10