Sibling 3 Rivalry SKU: 0514-SIBLI

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Want to get started on a new passion (read: addiction) but would like to try it out first? Or you'd like to jump right into the fun part of putting it together and not fussing around with what type of rope and where to get it, what colors look best, how to make the strips, and so on.

Here's your answer - our curated pre-assembled kits! The best rope, already cut fabric that looks fabulous together PLUS instruction from our 87 year old momma who is an artist at all she does, including trivets!

Includes: enough premium rope to make either an 8"x10" or 12"x 20" trivet, enough strips of coordinating fabric to cover the rope (we threw in some extra for you), glue stick and a chopstick perfect for pressing the first section nice and tight under your presser foot. Also includes instructions and link to our UPDATED tutorial videos.

NEW KITS just dropped!!! We can even customize a color scheme just for you!

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