KaLinn SKU: 0056-KAREN


Amazing travel organizers. This extremely lightweight and sturdy fabric stretches just the right amount but holds its shape. Best of all, you can see what is in each tote, no longer digging through the suitcase for your t-shirts but all you can find are your undies! Bags are washable - in fact, they are perfect for laundering delicates in the washer. 

If I am staying less than 5 nights in a hotel, I don't even unpack anymore. Just pop my travel totes in the drawer and I am unpacked and out the door doing what I came to do! Honestly, I don't know how I used to pack without my travel totes. These are absolutely a family design - you won't find anything quite like them on the market. 

Set includes 3 bags - length is approximately 13" and 11" and 9" (zipper lengths)

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