One More Attempt 4-9-24

Sherri Dishion

On Friday gangs hijacked a ship headed to the northern port of Cap Haitian, kidnapped everyone aboard and stole 10,000 sacks of rice out of the 60,000 it was carrying. Police also confiscated a "significant" number of weapons & ammunition in Cap-Haitien en route from Miami. Though it has been more distanced from all the violence, it is clear there is nowhere that will escape the reach of the gangs.

For the last couple of weeks, flights have been moving from Cap Haitien to Miami. The seats on any available planes are snapped up as soon as they appear on the website, as the demand far outstrips the availability, even despite the expense (4x the normal price).

By amazing grace, we looked at the exact time a flight opened up and got all 6 people on the same flight (Milhoury, the 18 year old daughter/sister, still does not have papers, so she will be left behind). 

They left first thing this morning for the trek to Cap Haitian on a "tap-tap" (the Haitian version of a taxi, although if you look it up, it can be anything from a colorfully painted bus, to an incredibly overloaded pickup truck filled with people, animals, and anything else needing transport). Lord willing, they will get on a plane tomorrow afternoon on the way to Miami.