In Search of Passports 3-28-23

In Search of Passports 3-28-23

Sherri Dishion

Port au Prince has become too crowded and dangerous to continue the attempt for passports there. After two months of waiting in line daily, Gabrielle’s family has decided to trek north, back home to Mirebalais, in hopes of finding shorter lines and less violence as they attempt to apply for passports.

The situation in Haiti is only worsening. Without hope for any intervention, vigilantes have begun to fight back with brutal street justice against the gangs.

Vigilantes Strike Back

 Hope for the Children of Haiti

 Here is a little information about the orphanage run by Dr. Jacob Bernard.  In October 2022, after rumors of his impending kidnapping, he was forced to escape & leave what he (& HFC) had spent the last 26 years building. In the middle of the night, he lined up over 80 orphan children along with staff, ushered them quietly in the dark to a waiting bus, and hurried to a safe house. Read more of their harrowing escape story here:  Escape Story